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We Pledge to join hands and work together as the Shiva Forum of Europe to:

Abide by the laws of the European Governments where the Shiva Forum Europe Offices are located.

To offer our respect to Presidents, Royal Families, Ministers, and other Political Leaders.

Support World Peace, peace comes through understanding each other and working together.

Take a stand against racism and lgbtqia+ phobia

Take a stand against women's discrimination through the Shiva Europe Women Empowerment Program.

Make the youth stronger through the  Shiva Europe Youth Empowerment Program.

Helping Women & Youth refugees to embrace European Values and to participate in the local communities where they reside and to become a success story.

Have cultural programs that all Believers and non-believers can participate.

Support all Shiva Temples in Europe that are members of the Shiva Forum Europe and thereby abide by the European Values and to be a spokesperson  for all the Europe-based Shiva Temples with European Policymakers.

Work together with organizations that are peace builders.

Participate in programs that are organized by the local Governments; European Union and the United Nations.

Spread Shiva's consciousness not by proselytizing but through being an example to all people.

Spread Shiva consciousness by saying "No" to caste system and Hindu birthright; saying "Yes" to supporting religious minorities and Freedom of Religion.

To take a stand concerning Hinduism, and that Hinduism does not belong to one country but to the World.

To assure that everyone can follow Hindu philosophy.

Promoting Nepal, Mauritius, India and other Hindu countries.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Shanti

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